5 Axis Machining

With investments in industry leading machine tool and software technologies, B&R Industries continues to provide greater value to our customers. 5 Axis capability takes away any compromises in the manufacturing process allowing for near part completion in one setup and operation. Increasing quality while reducing cost is how B&R Industries seeks to win your loyalty. Please contact us for your next project.

Our expertise in machining allows us to produce precision miniature machined parts in a variety of materials, including metals such as stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. The Manifold Center can take your specifications and produce the parts you are looking for. We know that different materials have different applications and can help you find the best way to machine and produce the parts you are looking for. For instance:

  • Precision miniature stainless steel parts are ideal in the most corrosive environments or for medical, food grade, and instrumentation applications. Besides precision parts, we also produce manifolds, such as 316 stainless steel manifolds.
  • Precision miniature machined brass parts are used for applications where aluminum is not suitable, but stainless steel is not required. Alloy 360 is the most commonly used alloy.
  • Precision miniature machined aluminum parts are used in situations where a lightweight but durable material is useful.

Our precision part manufacturing capabilities allow us to make precision parts to your specifications. We can direct you towards the best material for the application you need. Whether you are an engineer or a less technical minded customer, you can place orders with confidence when dealing with us. Browse our catalog to find out about manifolds or to submit an RFQ for the part you need.

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