We have the capability to produce precision miniature custom machined parts from most any type of material. We can provide you with outstanding quality and our commitment to customer service will ensure your parts are right and on time. We can support purchasing agents by suggesting the best way to control costs and we can also assist in the specification of standard or custom manifolds.

For engineers, we can provide technical assistance in operating pressure, material recommendations, and port specifications. Cost analysis and cost reduction exercises can also be facilitated.

Materials we can make into precision miniature machined plastic parts work include, but are not limited to:

  • Delrin has excellent sliding/friction properties. These precision miniature parts sustain high loads when operating at high speeds and show reduced wear. Delrin has strength, toughness, dimensional stability, and good machinability, plus improved wear characteristics.
  • PEEK machined parts are an ideal replacement for different types of metal if you are looking for weight reduction, comparable strength-mass ratios, chemical resistance, and hardness. PEEK is lighter for use in precision miniature machined parts.
  • Nylon has many good properties including low surface friction, high chemical resistance, flame retardant, reheat resistance, toughness, and impact resistance.
  • Kynar can be injection molded and welded and is commonly used in the chemical, semiconductor, medical, and defense industries.

Our machining capabilities also extend to precision miniature machined brass parts and custom hydraulic manifolds. You can browse our catalog for the parts you need or fill out our quote form to get more information.

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