The Manifold Center offers machined plastic electrical insulator blocks in Delrin and other materials. Because of our expertise in machining many different types of metals and plastics, we can easily help you with the parts you are looking for. We can create miniature precision parts, insulator blocks, and other parts based on your specifications. When it comes to creating machined plastic electrical insulator blocks, we can also help you determine the material best suited for the application based on the information you give us.

Besides machined Delrin insulators, we can create plastic electrical insulator blocks from Nylon, Kynar and UHMW as well. Delrin has properties that make it ideal for this application. Besides our ability to machine these parts, you can also browse our catalog for parts such as BSPT port manifolds. We also have manifolds that can be modified for the requirements you needs, such as our custom brass manifolds and stainless steel manifolds.

You can find out more by contacting us or browsing our catalog.

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