Aluminum manifolds are anodized to increase corrosion resistance and to provide a cosmetic appearance. All NPT manifold up to and including 375 series are black anodized, large sizes and SAE port manifolds are less finish but can be anodized upon request.

Uses for anodized aluminum manifolds include compressed air and centralized lubrication systems. Anodizing is also useful when using hydraulic power or instrumentation. These manifolds are not recommended for DI water systems, as stainless steel or brass would work much more effectively. Contact us to find out more. We can help you clarify your needs and give you the information you require to get your job done.

At The Manifold Center, we understand how these and other processes can benefit your operations. Whether you are technical minded or someone who doesn’t know what you exactly need, our expert consultants can take your information and specifications to create the parts you need. We can machine custom aluminum manifolds in different ways, including anodization. We have many different types of manifolds including:

  • NPT port manifolds
  • BSPP port manifolds
  • BSPT port manifolds
  • SAE port manifolds
  • ISO-6149 port manifolds
  • Common Cavity Valve Bodies

You can browse our catalog to find out more. We have many different manifolds that can serve your needs and machine them to your specifications.

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